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 Posted: Thu Jun 11th, 2009 11:43 pm
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19bama46 wrote: Captain Crow wrote: as I recall it's really just placed there as a representation of the guns lost in that part of the battlefield known as the slaughter pen.

It is the only display I have eveer seen like it. You just come up on it and for a few seconds you are confused not understanding what it is you are seeing, then it sets in and it is facinating as it does give a good graphic representation of what it must have been like there.

Another excellent graphic display is the walkway at the Corinth Interpretive Center. You are treated to the cast off implemts of war.. discarded canteens, broken pistols, rifles with shattered stocks, etc, etc each imbedded in the concrete...buttons, belts, haversacks some abandoned on the ground next to the walkway.. truly left by an army in retreat..

powerful images


I liked the Corinth visitors center quite a bit..especially the walkway

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