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I believe this is it-

"Warner Bros. ROCKY MOUNTAIN (1950) is something of an underrated western! Based on a real incident in 1865 and from a short story by Alan LeMay the screenplay was written by LeMay and Winston Miller. William Jacobs was producer and the solid direction was by William Keighley.

Errol Flynn stars as a Confederate officer (his first time to do so) who with a small contingent of seven men travel 2000 miles to California to rendezvous with an outlaw who has promised to provide 500 men to join with them in the south's faltering struggle. But things don't quite work out as planned when after they rescue a girl from a stagecoach being attacked by marauding Indians they then have to contend with the girl's fiancé (a Union cavalry officer) leading a troop out to search for her. Following a series of complications Flynn - sacrificing himself and his men - divert the attacking Indians away so that the girl can be saved. The picture ends with Flynn and his meager army taking on and being overwhelmed by a large band of hostiles. The final chase and battle with the Indians in a blind canyon is marvellously executed and is the highlight of the movie! "They've seen our backs - let's show them our faces" declares Flynn. Then, greatly outnumbered, and assuming cavalry formation the valiant eight charge the advancing Indian horde only to be wiped out one by one. It is a powerful, spine-tingling and unforgettable sequence!"

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