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 Posted: Tue Jun 23rd, 2009 06:04 pm
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Laurie and I are headed Shiloh-way sometime this week. I want to check out a number of things, one being Lew Wallace's debacle. Am I correct in assuming the following:

What was River Road is now Rte. 22?

What was the Shunpike is now Seay Rd.?

The cross road Wallace used after counter-marching (to get back on River Road), would that be what is now B Phillips Drive?

If I'm wrong in any of these assumptions, can you set me straight? Also want to follow the retreat of Stuarts brigade on the Union left. Is that area accesible? I know you're at Corinth now, but you still know way more about Shiloh tham I ever will. Thanks for any help!

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