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 Posted: Wed Jun 24th, 2009 02:58 am
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Yes, I have read it and confess I enjoyed reading it. I probably learned a lot, but it is hard to know if what I read is totally correct because the book lacks the usual bibliography and references that occupy so much space in most scholarly works on the Civil War.

It reminded me of "Manhunt" another book that was an enjoyable read and seemed well researched but didn't include the exhaustive notes and bibiliography in the back that one expects from most history books.

Groom paints a good "word picture" of the events leading up to and culminating in the seige at Vicksburg. Some scholars, while maintaining strict attention to carefully researched detail, lose the reader when their writing becomes so dry. The overall picture is lost in so many details.

That said, I do appreciate Orders of Battle, appendixes, bibiliographies with notes and comments added. They enrich a book for me. I like to see what extra the author adds in the biblioraphy (if he does add because some don't.) I always read footnotes.

I think this is a good book for people who have an interest in the Civil War but aren't interested in reading books that resemble doctoral dissertations in history. I do like Groom's writing style. I hadn't read any of his other work, but I may someday.

Naim, I wrote this before I read your comments so I wouldn't be influenced. Now I'm going to read what you say. I hope I don't get my fanny kicked on this.




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