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 Posted: Thu Jun 25th, 2009 12:32 am
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I too was struck with how forthcoming Groom was in saying that the South should have seen the situation for what it was and throw in the towel after Vicksburg. Doing so  would have spared the many lives that were lost in maintaining the forlorn hope of a victory. I have read scholars who say that Vicksburg, even Champion Hill, was the true "turning point" of the war, but I hadn't read before that the high command of the Confederacy should have actually ended the war after Vicksburg fell.

Groom makes a very interesting point to consider though. It is a great "what if" topic for speculation. One thing is for sure, many lives would have been saved.

One aspect he does not mention is at the time Vicksburg and Gettysburg fell, there could have been a considerable mood in the north to try as traitors and hang some of the top Confederate leadership for treason. That consideration alone would have been ample motivation to keep on fighting until the bitter end.

As an aside, I am always pleased to come across another Cleburne admirer.  (I just wish he had fought for the north.) I do know he felt loyal to his close friends in Arkansas and also related to the idea of declaring freedom from a government that was seen as unfair and overbearing, just as England had been to Cleburne's home country.

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