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 Posted: Thu Jun 25th, 2009 06:40 pm
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Take a good look at the HP Bottom House at Perryville, KY.
Site of some of the most fierce fighting during the Battle of Perryville.  Also used as a hospital.

Here is part of an article written by the homeowner today:

The Bottom House served as a hospital for approximately six months after the battle. The battle had left the building with so many scars to its siding that it had to be totally replaced soon after the armies left. Today there are still bullet holes in the walls where the balls came through the windows and between the logs. The door in the western upstairs bedroom, which still sits on its jambs, was hit by a .58 caliber Minnie ball. The blood from the numerous soldiers, both North and South, still stain the floors where the surgeons did their work in the days immediately following the battle.

Link to the whole article:
HP Bottom House

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