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 Posted: Fri Jun 26th, 2009 11:15 pm
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A whole group of us that post on here were just in Perryville last week.  Some of us visited Richmond also . 

The group that walked the fields with a tour guide hijacked the tour guide basically.  The woman with the truck from the visitors center came to see if they were okay and then took them on the rest of the tour .    Two of us that don't walk as well as the others drove around with Blue and Gray Magazine checking out various sites with the maps from the magazine.  We also had all read Perryville by Noe.  Well prepared for the tour .  Loved both battlefields. 

Richmond was great also .  We had a Blue and Gray magazine for Richmond also.  Was so interesting to visit the cemetery where part of the battle took place.  There is a statue of a Revolutionary soldier that is pock marked from the battle fought in the cemetery. 

Visitors center from Richmond is small but very nice. 


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