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I can speak for the Southern end of the wish list. Ferric Metals,in quantity, and the manpower and machinery to work it in quantity, Fast.- The South laid down or converted sixty-three hulls that were to be ironclad. Not many of them were completed for want of armor and powerplants, boilers and steam pipe.Many where burned on the ways. Scott's Anaconda Plan took Southern industrial potentials into consideration during the planning stage. Confederate Department Number One was seen as being a threat to Federal war aims. New Orleans became one of the leading metal-working areas in the South, up there with Richmond, Virginia and Nashville , TN. The ability to make steam to turn the screw that powers the ship which carries the guns, victuals and personnel wherever. I'd say metal and the ability to work it at a rate faster than the other guy is key to Federal victory. See John Gross Barnard,military engineer of great experience, to Sec. Navy Welles in the OR regarding the attack planned apon the South by moving northward from the Louisiana Delta.
Three Billinghurst Requa multi-barrel rifles were used in operations on the James Island in 1863 by Federal forces working around a Confederate stronghold by the use of saps. The guns were used to keep the Confederates heads down as Federal troops moved through the trench. The Confederates that were cadre of the strongpoint being circumvented, Battery Wagner, used 10" Mortars to great effect against the saps. Yeah, Metal.

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