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 Posted: Mon Jun 29th, 2009 03:42 am
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I have completed the book by Jones, and have completed about 1/4 of the work by Griffith.  I stated earlier I was impressed by Jones and suggested it would be difficult for the Griffith book to surpass, but I was wrong.  It is exceptional!  However, I would like to suggest that they compliment each other as opposed to standing in contrast.  While I enjoy the speculation of Jones on the lessons of the West Point and Mexican War Experience on the Generals, and his overiew approach to the strategy of the signficant battles, the descriptive analysis of Griffith which puts context to Jones is invaluable.  I suspect that when I finish Griffith I will probably conclude that as a single source it will probably be superior.  None the less, without the Jones book to give context to the larger issues, one will not be able to really appreciate the fullness of the exceptional work by Griffith.   Stated differently, if both of the two books fell out of the sky in 1862, in the right hands I believe that Griffith's book would be considered an ultimate weapon.  I'm not sure the same could be said about Jones beyond the readers appreciation of the players and how they acted.  Any thoughts on the subject?

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