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 Posted: Thu Jul 16th, 2009 03:58 pm
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Buford Trooper

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Sorry to add to this conversation exceptionally after the fact, but I too have an interest in the paranormal. Though I don't do it as a means of just "Ghost Hunting," but rather as a means of research. As a historian, I am always interested in primary sources. If the spirits of the actual participants of the battle can give us answers, then why not attempt to communicate with them?

Once at Gettysburg, near the base of Cemetery Hill I caught an EVP.

?: Did you fight for the Union?
A: Yes.... Ohio....

?: Can you tell me your name
A: Walter.....

?: Did you say "Walter"

But After a lot of research and a few more visits to the same area I haven't been able to confirm either from either sources nor "Walter" which Ohio units were at this specific location. However, my latest trip to this spot, in April of 2009, around midnight, I swear I saw a lantern with an open flame move through the woods for about a minute before it disappeared and there were no signs of any other tourists, especially that deep in the woods.

"War does not determine who is right-only who is left." ~Anon
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