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 Posted: Fri Jul 17th, 2009 02:30 am
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Just received my copy of Sickles at Gettysburg by James A. Hessler and published by Savas Beatie. The subtitle on the cover sums up rather well what Hessler says about the scoundrel Sickles. It calls Sickles--The controversial Civil War general who committed murder, abandoned Little Round Top and declared himself the hero of Gettysburg.

I've had the book only a day, so I  haven't even finsihed the first chapter. I just have to say this though. I found an egregious error right away.

The book places the Order of Battle of the Third Corps of the Army of the Potomac at the very front of the book. You'll never guess who is named as the commanding general of the AOTP. None other than George G. George! That's right, George G. George--not George G. Meade. I know this was just a proof reading error, and most books have a few, but how awkward is it that the error would be one that is so prominent.

Having gotten that problem out of the way, I have to congratulate Hessler for making a general who never interested me much seem compelling indeed. I knew he was a scoundrel, but had no idea just how low he had gone. I ahven't finsihed the first chapter, but it starts the book off witha bang. I'm convinced this will be great reading...a hard book to put down. 

Hessler is a Licensed Battlefield Guide at the Gettysburg National Military Park. He has taught courses about Sickles at the college level and speaks to Civil War Round Tables.

If you have any interest in Sickles or perhaps Day Two of the Gettysburg Battle , definitely check this book out.

P.S. Why did I order the book from Amazon if Sickles has turned me off. I have Susan Sweet to thank because she mentioned the book might be one of the upcoming chat books. So I looked it up and thought it did sound promising.

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