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 Posted: Thu Sep 14th, 2006 09:49 pm
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Mr Opdycke did indeed "brag up" his story after the battle.  His own letters trip him up on the pistol issue.  One think I find amusing about this is Don Troiani's terrific painting entitled Opdycke's Tigers shows Opdycke about ready to crack a Rebel over with the head with his pistol.  Well we now know this didn't happen because Opdycke said so.  If anything Opdycke was about ready to smack it into the head of one of his own men (who he thought was shirking), as related by a man in the 125th Ohio was said he stopped Opdycke from doing that very thing.

Opdycke was a tough-as-nails fight, but a bit of a braggart.

I spent a great deal of time on Gen. Adams' because it was such a significant event and I thought the facts ought to be completely presented to the reader.  I think more people wrote about Adams (especially from the Federal side) than any of the six generals who were killed at Franklin.  Sorry Gen. Cleburne!!  It is obvious what Adams did must have been truly incredible, because Federal soldiers wrote about it again and again.  I think even into their old age they could never forget what they saw him do.  Casement is pretty rock solid evidence that Adams was found outside the works.  Refer to Casement's OR, written just days after the battle, for this info.  The other info I laid out in my book is I think, relatively conclusive about truly happened to Adams.

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