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 Posted: Sun Jul 26th, 2009 08:54 pm
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An Attack on Washington? Sure....How 'bout a scenario of the spring of 1862, The C.S.S. Virginia forces a passage past Fortress Monroe, in company with her escort vessels. Four Coal barges mounting two 10" Seacoast Mortars and carrying 75-100 infantrymen each are towed with rapidity to the Norfolk side of Fortress Monroe by tugboats, which themselves are fitted to launch Congreve type rockets. It's 5 am on the morning of March 8, 1862 when the assault force opens on Monroe. Cocurrent with all this noise is a Confederate Cavalry force moving across the peninsula towards the Potomac,packing wagons stuffed with dories, oars and light artillery. The C.S.S. Virginia takes up station off the Washington Navy Yard, in position to support the amphibious Confederate move from the Virginia side of the river. A Confederate line is established at the Navy Yard extending northward to the District line by noon. The Lincoln Government, in panic, abandons the District of Columbia while General Winfield Scott attempts to rally forces to counter. The last Federal holdout surrenders at Fortress Monroe at I pm.

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