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 Posted: Fri Sep 15th, 2006 06:41 am
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Steven Cone

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Its been a few since I read but being the Anv is just months away Its time to re read them..

The Battle of Franklin has a special place in my soul..  As I had a relative there in Deas Brigade & Manigault Brigade of Johnson Division.

And until resently it was long foregotten , but it has finally  gained the attention thats it needs.

Thanks to folks like Eric and Many others.

I have the two books you mention, as well as several others.. And who knows perhaps one day I will write  my on.

regards, Steven

Btw if you in the area stop by Franklin on the anv.  Its  a Moving experiance  to walk to the Carter House from Winstead Hill..  And I havent missed a march  the last 7 years


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