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 Posted: Wed Aug 12th, 2009 01:51 am
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Finally finished Hessler's book today and say it is a MUST READ for anyone who is a student  of Day Two (July 2) at Gettysburg, a fan of Meade, or a student of Civil War scoundrels. It is also a MUST READ for those who love the Gettysburg National Military Park, because in spite of however much of a rascal Sickles may have been, he did do much to help establish this park.

I was not aware that inspite of his labors no statue or monument to him exists anywhere in the park! It was also a surprise to me that efforts surface at times to disinter Sickles from Arlington Cemetery and bury him at Gettysburg.

The book taught me so much I didn't know about Day Two, about the long running Meade/Sickles controversy, about the Joint Congressional Committee  investigation into how Meade conducted the battle and how various historians have looked at Sickles both as a person and as a "political" general.

Hessler also delves into the unmitigated mess that was Sickles's personal life. As a woman, myself, I have to wonder why he treated his own children and his two wives so miserably. How can you be so cold to your own children? Yet Sickles always showed great concern for Civil War veterans.

Hessler is an interesting writer. It was always hard to put down his book. There were times when I wished I could just jump up and fly to Gettysburg to see the areas he was describing.

I'm glad to have Hessler's book in my personal library and feel enriched by having read it.

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