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 Posted: Fri Aug 14th, 2009 01:51 am
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Forgive the following rant:'

It was just announced that the Philadephia Eagles have signed Michael Vick to a 2-year contract. I've been an Eagles fan for 40-some years. I bled green.

Tonight I give my beloved Eagles a middle-finger salute. May you go 0-16 this season and every season you have this piece of human garbage on your team. Signing T.O was bad, but at least he had talent. This wanna be gangsta has always been over rated. Throwing snowballs at Santa - that I can understand. Being at times a bit on the class-less side -  that I can understand. Signing this ghetto thug - nope, ya lost me. Let those who say "he served his time" invite him to their team. Screw you Jeffrey Lurie and a heartuy screw you to the Eagles.

Thank you...I feel better now )(_

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