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 Posted: Sat Aug 15th, 2009 04:58 pm
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Hi Again CleburneFan,

Thank you very very much for the review. I especially appreciated your comments about this being a "MUST READ for anyone who is a student of Day Two."

From the beginning, I really wanted this to be a readable account of the July 2 fighting on that part of the line. Almost a "Sickles vs. Longstreet". Rather than simply being a "Sickles biography", I almost look at the book as being a July 2 narratve--- the before, during, and after-effects of that battle -- with our man Dan Sickles being the leading character.

Hopefully then, if someone still feels like they "hate Sickles" too much to read a biography (and I've met a few of those folks!), they can still gain something of value regarding Gettysburg's biggest, bloodiest, and messiest day. Because I do think, love him or hate him, in order to really understand Gettysburg (again-- before, during, and after the battle) then one should have a good understanding of General Sickles.

Again, thanks for the great review! I'm looking forward to meeting with the book club and especially discussing what was going on in my thought process "behind the scenes" when I was wrting this. I think the last I heard was that we might kick off sometime in September.

Jim Hessler

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