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 Posted: Sat Sep 16th, 2006 02:41 am
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Hi all,

I have read a number of Eds books over the years. Up till this one, I would have said his II volume set on Vicksburg was his best work.

However I feel Fields of Honor is his best work.  As the book unfolds, you can here Eds voice just ringing through the pages....

Those of us who have had the priviledge to either walk with him on his many tours, or have been with him as he tromped Gettysburg (I will never forget my first meeting with him in the visitor center at GB.) will tell his voice is so distinct, that it stays with you. That is the case. You literally feel like you are walking these fields of honor with him...

I think so highly of this book , that if you have one who is just getting started on reading on the CW, this is one of those books that are a must read. Even for a novice...... Great Book..........


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