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 Posted: Mon Aug 24th, 2009 01:31 pm
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I do agree, Tim, that Vick has served his time, paid his dues (literally), and may deserve a second chance. But the most important issue for me is, has he changed? He's now an ex-con, he's in bankruptcy, and he's making the rounds saying the right things--but I'm not sure that was his decision. I suspect, knowing what I know about Vick, that someone's been "guiding" him on how to be repentant, or at least sound that way. After the uproar has died down a little, and he has to continue to show he's changed (not just by giving money to the ASPCA, etc., and saying the accepted things), then I'll make my decision.

But I do think that he should not have been given a second chance in the pro football arena. First, too many kids idolize sports figures. Second, is football ALL that Vick can do? If so, then probably he has not changed at all in his thinking. It seems to me that allowing Vick to return to football is like allowing a "recovered" drug addict to return to his old haunts--too tempting, to easy to slip into the trappings the life of a player with a  multi-million dollar contract can afford (such as dog fighting). The decision to do what Vick was involved in with dog fighting is a moral (or lack thereof) thing, not a football thing. If Vick has only one set of morals, then he has probably not changed, and allowing him to play will reward him for his wrongs. Just MHO.

I'm just disappointed that the powers that be in the Eagles nest didn't make a more wise decision other than who could win games for them. Guess I shouldn't be surprised!

 The trend nowadays is to do something wrong, go on live TV and apologize, look sorry about what you did, and assume we'll all forgive you simply because you apologized. As if the apology is the hard part. I think what should really count is what you do AFTER the apology, whether you are "forgiven" or not.


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