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 Posted: Mon Aug 24th, 2009 01:47 pm
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"But I do think that he should not have been given a second chance in the pro football arena."

Bingo. Vick was given his second chance when he walked out of prison. THAT was his second chance. Saying pro football had to be part of that second chance is a jump I'm not willing to make. What got him into this was his typical pro athlete mentality of having everything handed to him, the "love" and adoration of millions, etc. without ever having to work for it coupled with his ghetto attitude (BTW, I don't use "ghetto" as a color specific thing. There's plenty of white ghetto thugs/punks).

Frankly, having watched the 60 Minutes interview, I never saw anyone who looked less sincere. As for Eagles fans screaming if he went to Dallas - sure. Many of us would have screamed no matter what team he went to - even the Baltimore Felons.

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