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 Posted: Thu Sep 3rd, 2009 12:23 am
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I wanted to ask if anyone else has experienced any "neck hair" moments, but I guess I should explain what that is first :D

Have you ever gone to a historical site, whether it be a battlefield, a building, or whatever, and just have the pure sense of history overwhelm you to the point where there's actually a physical feeling? Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking anything para-normal. With me, it manifests itself with a tingling feeling to the point where I can actually feel my neck hairs stand up. Hence the name of this thread.

For me it usually happens when I've read about a place for years, studied it, thought about it endlessly, and then finally get to visit that place. And that sense of history just slaps me in the face when I finally step foot there. It's rare, and usually only happens once every few years, so don't confuse it with the normal awe which we always feel at these places.

I remember the first time I felt it - guess I was about 12. For years I had read about Lincoln, and more specifically the assasination. I visited my aunt in Arlington and of course had to go to Ford's Theater. Sure I knew it wasn't the same building, that that one had burned. But I have to tell you, I walked through the mezzanine to the door of Box 7 and that's when it happened. It just overwhelmed me. The tingle, the neck hairs, the whole thing. Wow, what a feeling.

It's only happened a few times since then - standing before Bloody Pond for the first time, standing behind the stone wall at Fredericksburg and for some reason stepping inside the Carter House for the first time.

So how about you - any moments when history overwhelmed you?


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