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 Posted: Thu Sep 3rd, 2009 05:39 pm
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Back in the mid 70's I went to Boston to visit my brother.  We went out to Lexington and Concord of course.  At Concord we had a NPS ranger tell us the story of the battle .  He was amazing.  I really felt as if went I turned my head I would see a redcoat coming up behind the rock I was sitting on.

Around the same time period I visited my old college roommate in Fairfax Virginia.  We went out to Bull Run.  It was a hot July day in the woods .  We were the only ones on that part of the field.  I kept getting this feeling .  This was what it was like.  It was the same  time of year.  I again felt as if a Yank or Reb would step out of the woods at any moment. 

Years later , only a few years ago I went to Shiloh by myself .  I arrived right at 5 pm and met the rangers as they were leaving.  They told me I could visit the grounds til dark.  I drove around and had such strange feelings.  It was so peaceful yet I kept thining this is bloody pond etc.  Was a very emotional moment .


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