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 Posted: Wed Sep 9th, 2009 06:46 am
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I can't say I've really experienced a "neck hair" moment, I think mainly because even though I've read history all my life, events prior to my life always seemed like a movie, until I went to the 75th anniv. of the Lincoln Group of NYC. A very famous Lincoln collector attended and displayed some of his artifacts: Mary's shawl, a book of some sort, Lincoln's bloody shirt collar. One would think the latter would get me, but that was not the piece de resistance--that was Lewis Powell's Bowie knife--wow, seeing that really cut me to the quick!!

But every time I go to Wethersfield CT that my family founded sometime during the weekend I always meet an elderly couple who are quite solicitous of me--I think they represent my ancestors.

A reenactor friend told me about his G-burg ghost. He and his colleague were driving down a Park road and they saw a Rebel reenactor ahead of them. After they passed him, they decided to stop and ask if he needed a lift. When my friend opened the SUV door to look for him, the Reb wasn't there--apparently had not really been there, even though both men had seen him.


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