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 Posted: Wed Sep 9th, 2009 08:40 pm
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TimK wrote: I was recently at Brice's Crossroads, the site of what is considered N.B. Forrest's greatest victory. I openly admit I am not a scholar, but know enough to be a little dangerous. I also realize that there is already a thread about this man that is fairly lengthy, but has not been added to in a couple years. I want to open up a slightly different thread, and in no way do I hope it gets inflammatory - I'm just looking for some insight.

According to Wikipedia (yeah, I know), there are 32 historical markers in Tennessee linked to NBF, which is more than the three presidents the state has produced. Numerous other parks, schools, counties, etc. are also named after him. Does anybody out there maybe feel a little uncomfortable sending their kid to N.B. Forrest Elementary School, not because of his military accomplishments, but because of his business ventures and social clubs? With a predominately northern perspective, I still would not have a problem sending my child to R. E. Lee or Thomas Jackson Middle School, but when I was in Memphis I was a little uncomfortable lunching in Forrest Park. Therein lies the conundrum. Any thoughts?
I will not go into all the accomplishments of this man but will say that his occupation prior to the ACW was legal if somewhat unsavory. He is not honored for that. He is sometimes accused by folks who really don't know or understand what they think they know relative to his relationship or lack of same with the KKK, but again he is not honored for this. Was he flawed... all humans are. Would you be honored to send your children to JFK  HS?... all indications are that he was a womanizer who objectified women... Is he being honored for these actions or others? MLK a man who accomplishe many things in his life had many faults... do we honor him for his accomplishemnts or condem him for his faults?Why is it that we cannot accept people as whole complete with warts and faults? Name one person from anywhere on Planet earth that can be honored if we refuse to honor them if they have faults.Off my soapboxEd

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