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 Posted: Thu Sep 10th, 2009 07:32 am
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BTW, for any "doubters and cussers" out there my friend, Tom, to whom this happened to is a former NYPD officer and former Green Beret, so his credibility is rock solid.

Tom's favorite one will knock your socks off. Story goes that a group of Japanese tourists were touring G-burg and came to the crest of a small hill in kind of a valley. All of a sudden a large group of soldiers came charging up the hill. The Japanese were thrilled to see this "re-enactment" and when they got back to the Visitor's Center went on and on to the Rengers describing it in detail, how exciting it was, etc. After they left, one Ranger turned to his partner and asked: Did we have any re-enactments scheduled today? His partner replied: no.

Actually, I'm fairly certain Tom told me there is a book out, titled something like "Ghosts of Gettysburg."


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