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 Posted: Fri Sep 11th, 2009 02:30 am
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It's strange, but I DON'T get neck hair moments at Fort Zachary Taylor in Key West. And I try really hard to achieve it. I touch the huge coastal guns. I close my eyes and try so hard to imagine Key West harbor full of captured Confederate blockade runners and Union navy ships.

I try to imagine the histle and bustle of Civil War navy personnel in the area. But the Twilight Zone feeling just doesn't come, maybe because few if any deaths there were directly the result of battle. Many were the result of Yellow Fever and Typhoid.  

I visit this park every couple of months, but the coveted "feeling" of the Civil War past just won't come. Maybe someday I will be surprised. Key West has many interesting ghost stroies, but none of them are tied to the fort.

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