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 Posted: Fri Sep 11th, 2009 06:32 am
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I'm not a "haunted" groupie or anything, but through conversations and reading, it seems that there are 2 main ingredients for ghosts: 1) a traumatic death; and 2) in life, the ghost was engaged in some repetitive action and so when died couldn't make the routine break. Regarding the latter, that's why there are so many women ghosts: much of their work in repetitive, e.g., isn't there supposed to be one of Jennie Wade baking bread at G-burg (do I have the right name?); and of ship captain's wives walking the widow's walk on houses. This info may put me in a "flake" category, but science is on the side of the ghosts as energy cannot be destroyed, it only changes form.

BTW, it's very interesting what you wrote about Key West duirng the CW. I did some research on the women lighthouse keepers during the CW. As I remember the FL lighthouses stayed in federal hands. Do you know if any lighthouses near Key West had women keepers? -- assistant or full? Have you ever thought of doing an article on Key West during the CW? There needs to be more naval history published.


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