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 Posted: Sun Sep 13th, 2009 08:28 pm
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javal good response.  The Native American statement is so true.  Sheridan , Custer , and others were part of the mass killing of the Native population but schools and towns and other sites don't get renamed. 

I laughed about being in Forrest Park.  My only problem with being there is being mugged or such.  It is not in the best part of Memphis anymore.  My cousin only slowed down to the curb so I could take a picture out the window of the car. 

As to the Klan charge .  Many historians today think the Klan at the end of the war was not the Klan as we know it today.  Forrest was not the founder and when the Klan changed he left the klan. 

By the way Forrest was not from Mississippi .  He was born in Chapel Hill Tennessee and died in Memphis Tennessee .  That would make him a Tennesseean I would think.  Some of his raids were in Mississippi like Brice's Crossing . But he and his men were from Central Tennessee . 


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