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 Posted: Wed Sep 16th, 2009 04:59 pm
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Now that this has been voted in (by the county anyway), my father and I were chatting about this the other night. Apparently there are a lot of generally disgusted folks in the area (he lives in Stafford County up Rt. 17), seeing as how there are three existing Wal*Marts in the area.

The actual threat to the battlefield itself wasn't the store, but the traffic more than anything else. In 1990 we moved into the Fredericksburg area. It now takes at least 30 minutes most times to get from the I-95 exit to just past Salem Church to where the majority of stores stop for a while (maybe 3 miles). There is no possibility of widening Rt.3 through this area unless they put businesses out of business. Politically, that simply 'ain't happening.

Widening it through the Chancellorsville battlefield area is more problematic. There are trees on both sides through there and they are selling off farm land to houses quite quickly it seems, but important to note that the National Park Service owns the land on both sides of Rt. 3. It will literally take an act of Congress to widen it there. Leading to the question: How much traffic can it really support? It is moderately busy there now. More traffic will make it actually more difficult for folks to visit the battle fields, some of the sites are literally pull-offs on the side of the road. Visiting could be made dangerous. That does not support tourism as the Orange Cty. supervisors claim they would like to do.

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