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 Posted: Wed Sep 16th, 2009 09:08 pm
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Great topic javil1,

My 1st neck hair moment was when I 1st visited Gettysburg....more specifically Pickett's charge......I have done so much reading about the CW and Gettysburg....the readings of so many 1st accounts on that battlefield......and when I finally stood at the angle and stared at that field....recalling everything I read about it made my hair stand up and a chill ran down my back. To think I was actually standing in a field where so many brave fell was overwhelming to me......a couple of months after that I went back.....this time I brought a tablet with all the readings from the soldiers that fought there.......I planted a chair in the middle of pickets charge and read about the pickets charge from the words of the soldiers themselves......and happened again....hairs stood up and chills down the back.

I find that this happens quite often with me.....I read all these books and then when I finally get to visit all these happens again. I feel if I keep the passion....and keep up the will keep happening.

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