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 Posted: Thu Sep 17th, 2009 12:14 pm
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I'm much obliged for the help....and the book link, Mike. I'll place the book on my X-Mas list. ;)

I hope you enjoy the reenactment and your tour of the hallowed ground of Perryville. I wish I could make it there and walk/discus the battle with a group of folks like yourself.

Currently, my only book on the battle is entitled "Perryville (Kentucky)" by Noe. I'm not sure of it's historical accuracy ?---but I enjoyed it. (if one can really 'enjoy' reading of the death and destruction called the American Civil War) It's good to refresh the memory of the heroic deeds of all the brave men.

**edit: Wow ! Your last posts didn't show until after I had posted the above. The photos are great and show the terrain very well. Thank you for taking the time to post them, Mike ! I'll add them to my personal collection with your name in credit.



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"Where this division defended, no odds broke its line; where it attacked, no numbers resisted its onslaught, save only once; and there is the grave of Cleburne." ~ Lt. Gen. William J. Hardee
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