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 Posted: Sun Sep 20th, 2009 08:10 pm
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About the post itself. I had looked up online to try and find out but all I could get was the same info KJ3553 provided but from a different site. That's how I knew the post number and the fact it was located in Colrain itself. But that's it. Nothing about if the post is still in use or if it became something else.  Looking things up I know the GAR became the Sons of Union Veterans, or was succeeded by it, so I view that as kinda still being the same and by becoming something else I mean like a VFW post or a American Legion post or something else entirely.

Considering the plaques were in a museum and not on a building anymore says to me that either GAR Post 20 either became something else or closed all together. And the fact that it was located in Colrain says. Of all the posts in Mass I can only find six in Franklin County, the General Sedgwick Post 17 in Orange, this one, the Armstrong Post 150 in Montague, the Manton E Taft Post 162 in Turners Falls, the Henry H. Johnson Post 171 in Northfield, and the Edwin E. Day Post 174 in Greenfield. Of these six only the building to the one in Orange is still in exsistence whether or not the post itself is.  But who all did each post serve. I mean was the Colrain post just for folks from Colrain and the Greenfield post just for folks from Greenfield or did folks from nearby towns attend the post nearest to them. Like if you were living in Gill you might attend the Northfield or the Turners post depending on where in Gill you were living.

And why H S Greenleaf? Who was that?

I do thank both of you for what you've done. It's better to know sometimes that folks are trying to help than to wonder if folks either don't know or are not interested.

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