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 Posted: Mon Sep 21st, 2009 03:34 pm
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Not a stupid question at all. If you don't mind me chiming in at this late date just for fun.

Most folks consider the war over with Lee's surrender, which I suppose goes to show the extreme focus people at the time had on the eastern theater.

The last official battle of the Civil War was Palmito Ranch (Texas) on May 11, 1865....ironically a CS victory.

The CSS Shenandoah, however, took several ships in the North Pacific on June 27, 1864 where they learned of Lee's surrender for the first time, as well as Jefferson Davis' proclamation for CS Forces to continue the fight. A little while later, in the arctic they took a number of more ships, pretty much destroying the US whaling fleet.

The Shenandoah only received official final word of the other surrenders in August (2nd), whereupon they sailed the rest of the way around the world (after removing their guns) to surrender to English authorities and lower their flag on November 6, 1865.

Communications just weren't as quick in those days.

People will probably be discussing when things really began/ended for another 150 years.

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