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 Posted: Wed Sep 23rd, 2009 07:16 pm
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I have had about the same results from live firing my Armisport P53 .577 cal. Enfield. ( I think my defarbed Armisport Enfield has a Parker Hale barrel.)  I use 50 gr. 3F BP and two types of .577 cal. minies. One type is Moyer's pre-cast 575213-OS (Old Style) 460 gr. minies and DGW swaged Pritchett style (no grooves) 580 gr. minies and both are .575" OD. I have found every store bought minie to be  consistant .575" diameter except the 577611 Gardner style (two grooves) 540 gr. minie at .578" diameter. There is no reason to  pour my minies because  I verify the diameter of every minie before shooting by using a little .575" sizer die for a .577"  bore. I purchased the sizer from Dixie Gun Works and it makes it quick and easy to  size every minie using a small vise, a small hammer and Phillips screw driver to punch the minie through the sizer. Resizing the minies made loading considerably faster and easier. I dip-lube both type of minies in Rooster Jacket and let dry overnight before before going to the rifle range. 

 I use a tuna fish can and filled with Rooster Jacket lube to the point of the minies ogive deviation. The nose of the minie will have no lube on it.   I place ten minies in the tuna can for a few seconds, then remove them and  let them drain on a doubled  paper towell overnight. When ready to put cthe minies in the cartridege box, I fill the red  nylon loading tubes with 50 gr. BP and sitck the minie on the tube nose first. There will be enough Rooster Jacket left on the minie after draining, to be just the right amount for bore lubricant. I do not put any lube in the cavity. In my opinion, many shooters use too much lube, probably because the minies are not sized correctly for the bore. If too much lube is used, it can accumulate in the bore, and contaminate the powder as the powder is poured down the bore. I have also used 24 ga. shotgun over-shot wads as over-powder wads between the powder and the minie. That separates the lube from the powder but doing that may be more trouble than it is worth.

I can get a tighter pattern with the Pritchett style minies using 50 gr. BP. The Old Style minies seem to fly off target somewhat due to their lighter weight. I should reduce the load to 45 gr. of 3F BP with the Old Style minies.  I have not mastered the art of making paper wrapped cartriges. Why would you need them anyway?  

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