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 Posted: Fri Oct 7th, 2005 12:41 am
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george franks

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Civil War living history has evolved from shooting Civil War arms (the N-SSA was founded in 1950 and thrives today still), to reenacting during the Centennial (and these continued at a large scale on major anniversaries) to "living history" and historical impressions.

Are there any groups that do events just for themselves - not for tourists or historic sites?  While I am totally for historic preservation and also for educating the public about what the Civil War soldier was really like - I think it would be great to be off away from the 21st century for a weekend (or more) and eat, sleep, march, and fight (short of the bullets and blood needless to say) just like the soldiers of 1861-1865?

Where can I find like minded folks?

George Franks


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