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 Posted: Fri Oct 16th, 2009 05:20 pm
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I had to revive this thread as I have just finished reading Mr Hesslers "Sickles at Gettysburg" and wanted to add my thanks to him for writing such a very good book which is, as said before, a "must read" for anyone interested in Day 2 and the Third Corps AotP.

I have other books on Sickles, Keneally's "American Scoundrel" and Swanberg's "Sickles the Incredible", both decent enough books which have now been eclipsed by Mr Hesslers style, and depth of knowledge of his subject.

"Sickles at Gettysburg" I think sets a new standard in Gettysburg writing, pretty good for a first time author.

What next Mr Hessler?

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