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 Posted: Wed Oct 28th, 2009 12:31 am
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I've found this whole thing pretty upsetting. It is obvious that Dr. Latschar has made plenty of enemies, and more seem to be crawling out of the woodwork. Too bad. But from 2 time zones away from Gettysburg, this is what I see.

I see people that hate the new visitor center. But anybody that saw the Cyclorama five years ago to the way it looks now must certainly appreciate the improvement. I'm sure there had to be politics involved to make this happen. Anybody that tried to maneuver through the old VC when there were busloads of school kids or Boy Scouts or tour groups must appreciate the fact that it is now possible to matriculate through the new VC on busy days. It was very crowded when I was there, and I had no trouble getting around. Has anybody been to the computer/research room in the new VC to find a monument? I've never had to wait for a computer to do some research. I couldn't find a place to study in the old VC.

It can cost me $300 for air fare, $75-$100 a night for a hotel, another $200-$300 for a car when I travel to Gettysburg. Whatever the price to get into the Museum/Movie/Cyclorama is okay with me. I'm good with it. Anybody know how much it costs to get into Rocky Mountain, Yellowstone, or Grand Canyon National Parks? Gettysburg is a bargain, and you don't even need to pay to get into the park itself.

I can't deny that there were some shady issues, and no doubt he should have used his personal computer for his personal amusement. But in MY OPINION, visiting Gettysburg has been made better under his watch.

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