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 Posted: Tue Nov 3rd, 2009 04:22 am
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I had a whole slew of "neck hair moments" one evening in June 1988 at (where else?) Gettysburg. This all happened the day after the 125th anniversary reenactment ended...

Right about dusk that Monday, my reenactment company of the 14th Tenn. traipsed down the hill to Willoughby Run (where the original 14th Tenn was on July 1, 1863), where we performed an impromptu ceremony of dipping the corner of our battleflag into the Run...when that was finished, as we stood around talking (very quietly), several interesting things happened:

1)  As we were discussing the souls of all the boys who had died there, suddenly hundreds of fireflies lit up simultaneously!

2) While we stood there in amazement, quietly now, I could hear faintly upstream a male voice shouting what were obviously commands...and no-one lives anywhere near that area (in those woods).

3) Then, I could feel a (friendly) hand rest upon my shoulder.  Needless to say, no one was there.

4) A little later (in the moonlight IIRC) after we had arrived near the "copse of trees" along with a bazillion other reenactors (the park rangers wisely ignored everyone that evening) and stood there near the angle talking quietly and reverently to some others, I felt that hand on my shoulder again...

Good memories, indeed.

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