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 Posted: Tue Nov 3rd, 2009 05:18 am
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rose greenhow did not win the battle of 1st bullrun-just because she tells beaureguard mcdowells moving on a certain date-i think they would have fiqured it out when the usa was advancing from other sources-even with her info the csa trooops expected the fight to be furthur south then were they finally did fight the majority of the battle-boyd,pinkerton,webster thease and a few more spies like them would be tabloid material today hobnobbing with celebs and having reality shows if they lived today-the best spies remain hidden two famous one were good-conrad for the south and van lew for herself to help the union in fact the unionist movement in virginia produced a number of people (like the phillips)who seem to be better at keeping thier identitys hidden the others seem to enjoy the limelight and harrison did give lee timely info

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