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 Posted: Thu Nov 5th, 2009 07:15 am
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The profusion of bad comments about Anna Ella Carroll is on record. Her claim to the Tenn. River campaign has been called "fantastic" and "preposterous." To my mind, a man who had the political and intellectual record that she did would never have been ignored and maligned like she has been. This nastiness has also extended to me, distorting my record of research. If there is a fault in my research it is that it is too lengthy, hence the manuscript was lengthy. But no publisher told me to cut it and one stated that they could not convince themselves that AEC was worthy of a full length biography--Lincoln's only female political and legal advisor? Please.

As for Greenhow's death, she drowned off Fortress Monroe (?) trying to make shore in a small boat which capsized in a rough surf. She had come off a blockade runner returning from England. Her death perhaps was abetted by the bundle of gold coins tied around her waist, proceeds from her autobiography published in London.


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