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 Posted: Tue Nov 17th, 2009 01:03 am
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Interesting that you would say Davis wanted "Lincoln's power"

Well -- Davis wanted the White House -- his wife spoke before Lincoln even took office that Davis had plans to invade Washington and take over the White House after Lincoln was sworn in.

 I just finished reading the diary of an ex slave who worked for Mrs. Davis just before Christmas of 1860.   According to her auotbiography, Mrs Davis told her war was coming soon, and that she (Mrs Davis) and Jefferson Davis would be leaving Washington temporarily, but they would occupy the White House in the near future -- because the South was going to secede then invade Washington and take over the seat of government.

Could the slave ( Elizabeth Keckle) be lying in her book "Behind the Scenes" ?  Sure -- but she barely mentioned this aspect, if she was out to deceive the nation about this point, seems she would focus more on it. 


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