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 Posted: Thu Nov 19th, 2009 02:55 am
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Thomas Washington, Sir..


Thank you for reviving this thread.. I think it continues to be interesting and was delighted to see Ole's comment that you copied..

"Both documents were written with a goal of government by the people. This was a first. All governments were, until that time, run by an aristocracy.(Skipping over the "democracies" of Greece and Rome.)

After a fashion, this republic still operates on that principle. In 1860, the grand experiment was challenged. One side saw in the Declaration that it could declare itself a different nation. The other side saw that the experiment would fail if a part of it could withdraw whenever it pleased.

So we had a situation that only an armed conflict could resolve.

Ole, if I may,  you stated that in 1860 the experiment was challenged and  one side saw the DOI as a means of declaring itself a different nation while the other side thought the grand experiment would fail if a part could withdraw...paraphrased...

Why would secession result in failure of the "Grand Experiment".. Would not the US have continued on, or would it have imploded over the loss of the southern brethren?




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