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 Posted: Fri Nov 20th, 2009 04:41 pm
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The Constitution. As president-elect; Lincoln not only could call an emergency-session of Congress to convene on the day of his inauguration: but in fact he was REQUIRED to do so, if he intended to act in a manner requiring it.

Congress had plenty of time after the first secession, to convene on March 4, 1861, but Lincoln never called them into session-- despite clear evidence that he had EVERY intention of acting as he did, as early as December 20 of 1860.

Thus, he deliberately REFUSED to call Congress into emergency-session, so that he could seize full national power and become a bona fide despot-- just like happened with the Weimar government in 1933, which was expressly stated in Mein Kampf to be the example-precedent.

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