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 Posted: Mon Nov 23rd, 2009 12:36 am
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There's a lot to consider here about factual history and international law.
Still waiting for the factual history.
First of all, the Confederate states WEREN'T fighting for slavery; they were DEFENDING their sovereign national integrity, against an unprovoked imperialistic invasion thereof in full violation of international law.  And Europe had never sanctioned the south a PENNY for using slave-labor-- they certainly weren't about to start now.

Also, Europe stood to gain significantly from a Southern victory, by eliminating Union tariffs on European imports.

They would definitely engage in sanctions and treaties, and possible military assistance. This would have made victory impossible for the North, since even a military victory would be 100% Phyrric due to resulting trade-sanctions-- which would become full embargoes as the USA became globally recognized as a rogue-imperialist state.

This doesn't include any.


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