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 Posted: Mon Nov 23rd, 2009 04:52 am
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"Administrative decisions and regulations, by which federal executive officials refused to obey Dred Scott by refusing to protect slavery in the territories, while continuing to prosecute and harass slave-owners  in the territories under existing federal laws that prohibited slavery there--  while state officials did likewise against those travelling with their slaves through free states, prosecuting and harassing them under state laws, while also refusing to protect them.

 This was a clear violation of habeas corpus, by which the state cannot arrest or detain a person without just cause-- and Dred Scott removed any such cause, as per the fundamental premise of judicial review over any law.
It also violated the right to due legal process.

Their main purpose was not even abolition, but was both simply to pander to abolitionists for their votes, while also keeping the territories free of slaves in order to admit new Free states into the Union-- while illegally blocking admision of new slave-states."

For some one claiming that slavery was not a cause of the Civil War, you sure bring it up a lot...

"on the Southern states in a clear deliberate and unconstitutional scheme of wealth-redistribution-- as was the wont of the Republicans, particularly the former Whigs (of which Lincoln was 2nd in command under Henry Clay-- perhaps literally "

William Henry Harrison, Zachary Taylor, Daniel Webster, Milliard Fillmore and Winfield Scott may be surprised at your promotion of Lincoln...



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