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 Posted: Mon Nov 23rd, 2009 09:07 am
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To our other forum members,

When Jefferson Davis uttered the phrase, "If the Confederacy fails, there should be written on its tombstond: Died of a theory," are we to believe he meant anything else other than the defeat of the Confederacy could be laid at the alter of "States Rights?"

That each State, petty in claiming its 'rights' as a Sovereign State, did not help in bringing down the Confederacy?

A good source supporting Davis's view would be the book, Dixie Betrayed: How The South Really Lost The Civil War, by David J. Eicher.

In his book, Eicher describes much of the political conspiracy, discord, and dysfunction in Richmond that took place during the war, along with the fights with state governors, the Confederate House and Senate, and between Davis and his own vice-president and secretary of state.

The author claims that Secession did not end with the breakaway of the Southern States into the Confederacy, but that it continued with some governors wanting to set their states up as separate nations, which undermined the efforts to have a unified war effort.

Makes for a good read.



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