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 Posted: Tue Nov 24th, 2009 06:20 pm
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A lot of that is the re-enactors. Though in truth a lot depends upon the men being represented. The AoT's (US & CS) were masters of the skirmish line when compared to their eastern brethern.

Those men drilled far more than even the most hardkewl today. Battle manuevers, formations and orders were so second nature that there are examples of men doing complex manuevers in absolute silence.

From personal experiance it isn't a big deal to move in close order drill; it just takes practice. I don't mean a weekend a month, I mean hours per day. Any good marching band can do all of the manuevers as done by ACW soldiers simply because they do some real practice. Few re-enacting units do. Those that do are those that do real time consuming and horribly boring practice.

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