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 Posted: Tue Nov 24th, 2009 10:53 pm
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19bama46 wrote: Unionblue wrote: Ole,

I just wanted to be sure so I reread my copy of the Constitution and by golly, you're right.

Don't see anywhere about anything the President-elect is supposed to do before he is sworn into office as President.

Frankly, the man who is currently holding the office before the President-elect is sworn in, I believe he is called THE President, might take a bit of offense at being told to move out early.

But that's me and my copy of the Constitution.  Anyone aware of any updates or changes in recent years that give the President-elect presidential powers before THE President leaves office at the end of HIS term?

Any information would be appreciated.



Well, I am not sure.... the current occupant did have an :Office of the President Elect"... presumably, they did something!

As to the authority by which he did it.....heaven knows..
There's a difference between preparing to take office and having any actual authority.  Obama was more visible in preparing as President-elect than any others I can remember in my lifetime, though.  The President-Elect gets a security detail, is included in the intelligence briefings, etc., and probably any other liberties that the sitting president feels inclined to grant his/her successor. 

As Obama often pointed out, though, there's only one president.  The President-Elect now, and then, has zero executive authority until sworn in.  Otherwise you got two presidents!  I would imagine Lincoln felt similarly.  There wasn't much he could do other than plan or give some speeches and get his administration ready to go.  I guess he COULD have sent a letter to Congress telling them he was going to call an emergency session AFTER he was sworn in and had the power to do so, just as a heads up. 

Wasn't this in the Declaration of Independence thread, though.  You're right Ole, we've all gotten confused. :)

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