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 Posted: Wed Nov 25th, 2009 03:13 am
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Herein lies the perils of taking period speeches and quotes out-of-context from the entire, original document.  One never gets the true meaning of the intent of the original author. 

And on top of that, to discourage in any way a look at the source materal, other than from the view of someone else's personal agenda, it simply an attempt to discourage anyone's attempts at understanding the source documents/speeches for themselves.

Why not simply post the portions of Lincoln's speeches one feels proves a view or point and THEN post a site that lists the entire document so that others may see those portions in context?  It's more honest and it tends to show one is very secure that his views can be supported by providing the entire speech or document.

Research is never a waste of time and showing an entire document in context is far more honest than hoping no one will question the source or the context of the material one uses to support a view.




Belief does not make truth. Evidence makes truth. And belief does not make evidence.
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