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 Posted: Wed Nov 25th, 2009 09:24 pm
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19bama46 wrote: Unionblue wrote: Ole, 19bama46, & barrydancer,

Can we agree, that in 19th century politics, a president-elect was just that, the next guy to take office after THE still-serving President would leave office?

Do any of you find anything within the US Consitution of 1860, that gives the president-elect ANY power to issue orders to the Congress, the Army or the Navy, to carry out any of his express wishes BEFORE the sitting President leaves at the end of his appointed term?

After we settle those questions, I then think we can have a serious discussion on what president-elect Lincoln could have done before he was sworn in as President.

A good website for the US Constitution is the US Constitution online found at:

I suggest we start with Article 2, Executive Branch.

What say you?


Blue,My post was with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek...It was meant to poke fun at the whole concept of a president elect who makes policy, and otherwise acts as if he has been inaugurated already... apparently, I did not do so good a job with this as I thought


Thank you for your clarification on your post, it is appreciated.

However, at the time, my question was directed more at another poster.

I happen to agree with your own view, that the president-elect is pretty much powerless to do anything until he is actually sworn in.



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